Flat Pack Assembly

Putting your flat packed world together
From tables and chairs to exercise bikes and cross trainers.  Save yourself time and effort and ask Mike to help with your flat pack assembly.
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Flat Pack Assembly

A huge amount of what we buy these days is delivered flat packed – something that often takes people by surprise.

Whether it be a table and chairs, a multi-gym or cross-trainer, bedroom furniture or a TV stand, Mike can put it together for you.

Whether it be large or small, Mike is happy to put it tog

Flat pack assembly - a small white shelf unit

Flat pack kitchen units

The assembly of flat pack kitchen units that can be used as part of a kitchen improvement plan are all part of the flat pack assembly service that Mike offers.

Mike specialises in smaller jobs, so this installation is typical of what he might do for you.

flat pack assembly and installation of kitchen units

Flat pack PLUS

Mike’s Flat Pack Plus service turns ordinary flat pack units into something much more personalised and special.

In this example, a number of plain book case units were converted to add spacing between the shelf units, and trims were added all around to add to the “library” effect.

In a similar way, a book shelf might be fitted nicely into an alcove so that it all looks great.

flat pack PLUS adds turns ordinary flat pack into something special
flat pack PLUS adds turns ordinary flat pack into something special

Flat pack assembly – what you will need.

The most essential reqirement for successful flat pack assembly, is enough space to lay out the parts and then put them together.

For example, many furniture items such as wardrobes, cupboards and bookcases will need to be layed flat on the floor to allow the back panels to be attached.

If you are short of space, look for units that are designed to be assembled in an upright position.

flat pack wardrobes

Mike Chester Handyman does much more than just flat pack assembly

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